Sherry, I am not so optimistic about that especially since my daughter says the white people are cold and unfriendly. Plus, their mailbox was obliterated and no others in the neighborhood were touched. Coincidence, maybe, but I doubt it. It’s a very good neighborhood where vandalism doesn’t happen.

As far as interest, it is natural to lose interest in what is not part of your everyday life, especially for children who, as you said, live in the moment. I just didn’t expect it so quickly.

As for schools, their school here had a large variety of races and nationalities and many handicapped and mentally challenged children, including several kids with Downs Syndrome. Children did not describe other children by race or nationality or disability. It was Aiden with blonde hair and blue eyes — not the Downs Syndrome boy in my class. It was tall Steven with dark hair on the soccer team — not black Steven. It was the girl with straight black hair and glasses — not Mamoo, the Filipino girl. At their school most kids were different than most other kids so no one was singled out. The majority wasn’t enough of a majority to matter.

My grandchildren don’t look Hispanic so that may be an advantage in their new school. They can easily pass for white but I don’t want them to pass as anything — I don’t want them to have to pass as anything. I want them to be proud of who they are and of their heritage. I don’t want them to ever be embarrassed of their mom and step-father who cannot pass as non-Hispanic. This is what I fear.

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