Snowdrops! What a perfect name for them. Not a flower I’ve seen before. So delicate. I believe that you are the snowdrop of people, Tracy!

You are welcome for the inspiration and I appreciate the mention. I also have another Florida flower post set to be published this evening.

Indeed, our flowers are loud and vivacious, much like the perceived personalities of Americans.

Interesting consideration of how landscapes and climes affect our lifestyles and temperaments. I must say that I’ve known fewer introverts in Florida than any other place I’ve lived, and I’ve lived all up and down the U.S. East Coast. Do we migrate, or at least try to migrate, to places that have the same vibration as our personalities or does the area in which we live help to create our personalities? Maybe, both. People in Florida seem to have bold, boisterous, often rude personalities, much like our land, weather, fauna, and flora. We are not shrinking violets and neither are gators, sharks, big wading birds, dazzling flowers, dangerous snakes, lightning or hurricanes!

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