So, I watched Baghdad Cafe and, surprisingly, I’ve seen it before — well, parts of it.

Ben immediately remembered the movie, recalling fine details, which is surprising since he can’t remember a TV show he watched last week!

I recalled bits and pieces of maybe the first quarter of the movie and nothing after that. Again, that is surprising and weird for me — I always remember movies — in fact, I have a tendency to remember details of most everything.

Ben recalled that we watched the film at home during a time when I was working 60 or more hours a week. He believes I slept through most of it, which would certainly explain my memory lapse!

I remember most of the first scene when the German couple parts ways. I vaguely recall Brenda, the cafe owner. My most vivid memory is of Brenda’s piano-playing son and his son. I remember the sad parts.

As the movie progressed through those sad parts in the beginning, I wanted to turn it off, but Ben encouraged me to stick with it, and I’m sure glad I did!

So interesting to me that your takeaway from the movie was Jasmin’s belonging at the cafe. Telling of your frame of mind.

My takeaway was the immigrant issue. Also, telling of my life experiences with a family of immigrants.

You will find a place to belong, but you may not realize it until you arrive, just like Jasmin.

There is a movie I would like to recommend if you haven’t seen it, and I imagine you haven’t since it was not that well known, although one of its actors would become world famous. The movie is Mystic Pizza starring a very young Julia Roberts.

I love it because it takes place in a small Connecticut fishing village. I told you I have a thing about fishing villages! Most of the residents are Portuguese so it has that immigrant element that appeals to me.

It’s a story of community, friendship, and love.

I came across it by accident after Julia Roberts was already climbing the Hollywood ladder of success. I reviewed it for our local paper in a feature about unknown films.

I also highly recommend the movie Manchester by the Sea, a 2016 film that won my heart. Another incredible movie.

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