So true, Mike. As a whole, Americans spent decades being self-indulgent celebrity-worshiping, video-game-playing idiots, caring more about reality stars than Iraq or Afghanistan or the slow whittling away of civil rights in our own country.

We dismissed the alt-right violence, Brexit, and neo-Nazism in Europe, thinking it had nothing to do with us. We didn’t raise an eyebrow about political upheavals in a long list of countries because it wasn’t happening here.

We turn our heads rather than look directly at the proof of police brutality and the murder of people of color. We blame victims for that actions of others that created their victim-hood. We shroud ourselves in Christianity so we don’t have to see the deplorable way we treat Muslims or anyone we think looks Muslim.

Our eyes are glued to screens when they should be looking in the eyes of our loved ones and our neighbors. We know more about the Kardashians than our kid’s teacher or babysitter or best friend. We have lost the ability to distinguish a lie from the truth and have no idea how to vet either.

For the most part, Americans are fat, lazy, and proudly ignorant. Anti-intellectualism has became chic and acceptable when it’s really nothing but stupidity of the worst kind.

We are all glitz and no substance just like our POTUS.

We’ve already been slapped awake but that is nothing compared to what is coming. It will be brutal. Anyone who joins the fight on either side needs to be aware of what is at stake if they fight and what is at stake if they don’t.

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