Sorry for such a late reply, Harper, but life has been hectic (more about that in a separate post), my Wifi has been down, and I took a break — one that was forced upon me by outside forces but also badly needed.

I appreciate you optimism and efforts to cheer me up about our current national situation but I am not convinced. Trump is close to getting his damnable budget passed, and he has infiltrated the Supreme Court with an ultra-conservative who thinks discrimination by businesses is the way to make America great again.

The Supreme Court is what gives me the most distress. The only way to reverse the damage of a conservative court is for the Congress to write a new law that clarifies or changes the old one. That doesn’t happen often and is not likely to happen any time in the near future. If Ginsberg dies or retires, Trump gets to elect another ultra-conservative. Even if the Dems take back Congress, their laws will be challenged, and those that get to the SC will be overturned or interpreted differently than intended. We will be defeated by the SC for decades.

And, I strongly fear Trump will not get his comeuppance through the ongoing investigations. He will fire Mueller or create any number of chaotic situations to delay the investigations/hearings. He is a master of chaos and diversion. This will drag on for years without resolution; meanwhile, Trump continues to destroy what little democracy we have left.

Same is true with the sexual assault charges against him. Congress will do nothing because the Republicans have no guts. They will never allow the investigations to proceed. And, if I am wrong and they do, Trump will again create chaotic diversions that will sidetrack the proceedings for years.

I keep hoping there is someone on the good side who can outsmart Trump and his band of evil monkeys, but no one is coming forward. No one wants to be trampled by the Trump brigade. We have a government of cowards.

And in spite of my less-than-cheery message, I wish you Happy Holidays, Harper, (to annoy the evangelicals I refuse to say Merry Christmas) and hope your optimism and humor remain intact as we enter year two of the Demise of Democracy.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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