Thank you for this piece, Violet. Very informative. I did not know anything about Jonathan Haidt and did not have time today to do any research but will make time to check him out further when I have a some free time.

I am very interested in micro-aggression. Having opened my home to a Chinese and a Japanese student in recent years, as well as entertaining many of their Asian friends, I learned much about their experiences with micro-aggression in the United States. And, of course, with many Hispanic family members and friends, I am acutely aware of their experiences.

My daughter, whose English was just above “poor” when I adopted her, faced many incidents of micro-aggression and still struggles with the feelings of inferiority that they created. I have seen her children, who neither look nor speak in a fashion that would easily identify them as half-Honduran and half- Puerto-Rican, be treated differently once their cultural backgrounds are revealed. A positive way when they are seen as “white Americans” and a negative way when they are seen as “brown Mexicans” and I say Mexican because nearly all Hispanics are labeled Mexican, as though they have no countries, cultures, or heritages of their own and separate from those of Mexico.

Oh, and I was introduced to Lee Mun Wah by some Asian students. Fascinating man! His TED talk is one of my favorites.

Again and as always, I appreciate your feedback on all topics.

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