Thank you, Jack. Actually, this piece was curated by the editors so it made the Digest a few days after its original publication. My first curated piece! Since then, I’ve had another — ironically, both about depression.

I am having a difficult time right now. Not sure why. Maybe lots of little things. Last night, I shared with Ben that I was struggling. He didn’t handle it well. Takes my depression personally as though it’s an insult to him. Add the fact that he wants to fix it, as you guys usually do, and he can’t so he feels like he has failed me in some way. Funny how all of that leads to anger — well, that’s too strong a word — maybe, annoyance and irritation. Which, of course, doesn’t help my depression. Better to stay silent.

I’ll work through it — and I mean work literally. Very busy. More than I want to be, which is probably part of my problem. I so want to slow down but it won’t happen anytime soon. The work and all the crap that goes with it gets harder and harder to shoulder. Sigh.

As they say, I am too old for this shit!

I didn’t know that Deb also has visits from depression. It isn’t easy and never seems to completely go away, never to return.

Hugs to her and to you.

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