Thank you so much for joining the Photo-a-Dat Challenge, Juan! Exciting to have photos from exotic Thailand.


I agree with Sherry. We are doing almost nothing to test for or contain the virus. Certainly no public temperature-monitoring. My county has a mask ordinance but the State of Florida and our national government do not. Most in my area wear masks in public places, like the grocery where there are signs, but no one actually enforces them.

Because of our lack of virus mitigation, I would never go to a local coffee shop as you do. We won't eat at restaurants or get take-out either. I have no trust that people are doing what they should to keep the virus at bay. In fact, I semi-retired this year and am working late-afternoons, evenings, and weekends so I don't need to be around my maskless co-workers.

I am terrified to return to work after the long Thanksgiving weekend and am thinking I will go in even later in the afternoon than usual. I know many co-workers are traveling, going to restaurants, and entertaining. And, since we have to colleges in this town, students are sure to return and bring more cases of the virus with them. Our numbers are already skyrocketing.

No pumpkin pie in 4 years - that's torture! I plan on making one this afternoon. My husband says that pumpkin is a vegetable and should not be in a pie with sugar and spices. Crazy Argentinian! So, the pie is all mine. However, I eat the pie more often for breakfast than as dessert. Pumpkin pie and coffee is delectable! I also don't wait until Thanksgiving for pumpkin pie. I've already made 2 this year - just happens to be time for another.

Lastly, you choose very interesting and unique subjects for your photos, Juan. I like that very much.

I hope you will continue with the challenge.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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