Thank you so much for sharing those videos with me, Tracy. Of course, I am very familiar with Elvis Costello but not that particular song. As a child of the 60s, I prefer the second, more raw version of the song , reminiscent of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Buffy St. Marie, Peter, Paul & Mary and many other folk-song protesters.

One of the many amazements if this current divisive political atmosphere is how few protest songs have been written, performed or recorded. Are our youth, for they are the source of modern music, so self-consumed that they no longer feel the need to protest musically? The complacency of the young people I know is astounding. The future is theirs; they should be in the streets and cramming the airwaves with songs demanding equality, justice and accountability.

I’ve come to the conclusion that youth will only fight back when faced with the probability of forced military service in wartime. The notion of not being glued to a smartphone 17 hours a day may cause enough outrage for them to become involved. At least, that is my impression of American youth —, so dialed-out of real life, unaware of what is truth, unable to become excited about anything beyond the newest phone or game.

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