Thanks, Clinton, for sharing your experiences. I have an update on Jazmine: she was placed in a foster home in the country and very quickly managed to escape and run away, exactly what I feared would happen with us. Difference is here she would probably kill or at least terrorize our lake ducks or very possibly get hit by a car. I have no doubt her rural escape was prompted by a chase — perhaps a squirrel, racoon, or opossum. Her rescue group posted on Facebook for people in that area to watch out for her. Fortunately, her little escapade did not last long although I don’t know if she was apprehended or returned willingly. Haven’t heard anymore. But, her escape verified my fears. Better it happen in the country than here in town.

I look back at previous pet experiences and know there were times I could have done better, done more, or made better decisions, but I was always doing my best with the knowledge and experience that I had at that moment. I have rescued dozens of dogs and cats in my life and gave them all much better lives than they could have ever expected. My greatest downfall was not knowing my limitations of time, attention, and money or not giving a rescue an honest evaluation to see if he/she was a good fit for my situation or with my other pets. I failed three — one was a dog that never fit in with my other dogs, eventually leading to a fight that led to heart failure and her passing — another was a feral car that avoided all efforts of taming and who eventually escaped never to be seen again — the third was a dog who could jump every fence on my three acres from a standing position forcing me to chain her, which I hate, in a failed effort to stop her jumping habit. Loved that dog but after several months I admitted defeat and sadly rehomed her where she was able to be a house dog most of the time.

We do our best with what we know, right?

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