Thanks for replying, Amber Lisa. I know exactly what you are saying, and I am definitely a person that works from my emotions more than logic. I did everything recommend by the LoA gurus to keep my vibration high, and I became very good a warding off negative thoughts. My teachers were impressed and certain that I would manifest what I wanted. We were all wrong. In fact, one LoA instructor stopped teaching because of what happened to me. She had no explanation.

I accepted that LoA is not for me. I don’t know why but it isn’t. And, I wonder if it is for anyone. What truly scared me were the three LoA teachers, all who were positive, high vibrating models of manifestation, becoming so ill. As I said, two died. All were young, all had unusual illnesses. I was sick constantly and my doctor had no idea why. I stopped using LoA and I got well. At first I was disappointed but I concentrated on watching my health improve and got over the manifesting disappointment quickly.

You mentioned the home I am buying. That came into my life when I was depressed and withdrawn, certainly not at a high vibration. I was not trying to manifest a new home. Although I am immensely grateful for the synchronistic events that led me to the home, I don’t see how the LoA can take credit for that one.

Maybe I am a cynic now but it seems people credit LoA for things that really came to be because of hard work. I have a friend who is a nurse in a very specialized field, she works harder than anyone I know, and she happens to work for a chain of specialize hospitals who have many locations along the coasts of Florida. She wanted to manifest a home near the beach and she got one when her company gave her a promotion to a coastal location. She credited the LoA. I credit her knowledge, incredibly hard work, ability to communicate and to solve problems, and her tenacity. She deserved that promotion and since 75% of the hospital corporation’s locations are along the east and west coasts of Florida and since those are the fastest-growing locations, there was an extremely high probability that any promotion she would get would be on the coast. I can’t see that as the work of LoA either.

I believe in synchronicity. I believe in unexplained phenomena. I believe in some luck. But, I believe these things happen regardless of what we wish for or our vibration level. I think of them as carrots that are dangled — we grab them or we don’t, we notice the synchronicities and follow the path or we don’t.

The point of LoA is that WE can create — not by hard work or logic but by our emotions and our desires. Someone said to me that perhaps what I was trying to manifest was not what The Universe wanted me to have. If that is true then we are ruled by Fate and have no say in our future. Sort of like the Christians who say God answered your prayer but the answer was no. If God or The Universe or whatever decides what we get and when we get it, then we are incapable of manifesting what we want because we will only get what the Higher Powers decide we should have. Manifesting is no different than a wish list for Santa — you still only get what your parents can afford or what they want to give you.

And, maybe that is okay. Maybe there is a Higher Power that knows more than we do, that is orchestrating what happens here. We do not nudge the Higher Power; the Higher Power nudges us in one direction or the other — we go or we don’t. We have a choice but we don’t have the actual power.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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