Thanks for the plugs, Jack!

Okay, I’ll admit it — I sent the mallards your way. I told them that the Pennsylvanians need entertainment in their retirement because, well, that state is sooo boring. Except, I didn’t know your yard is a desert! No pond? What kind of a place to live is that? Obviously, not a ducky place!

FYI, we have plenty of hawks and a few feral cats, too, and we did have a fox but she disappeared during/after Hurricane Irma. And, owls are a threat, too. We had a Toby that was definitely pregnant. She and her mate and some other family members frequent our breakfast buffet. I knew she would bring her ducklings to us once they were old enough, as her parents did with her. Not one baby. Either the eggs weren’t viable, which happens, or something got the eggs or the ducklings, which, sadly, also happens.

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