Thanks for your response, Lucy. I was hopeful when the changes were first introduced that any decline in income would be minimal but receiving less than 1/4 of the months before the changes is not minimal.

Fortunately, I don’t depend on Medium to pay the bills. Others did, though, and I am concerned about them.

At this juncture, it’s the reduction, in general, of claps and reading that’s disturbing. Since the rule changes, I’ve noticed both decreasing for me and for others that I follow. Now that claps don’t figure in, or at least not prominently, to earnings calculations, people appear to be clapping less. I am finding many instances of someone commenting favorably if not actually praising something I wrote but not bothering to clap or only giving one or two — the same people who used to clap 50 times. I think that attitude is Why bother?
But, like others, I gauge the reaction to a piece by the number of claps. Medium trained us to do that and now appears to be saying, Oh, claps don’t mean anything anymore!

If claps aren’t important anymore, let’s go back to the one-clap system.

The entire system has taken on a pallor of secrecy and mystery that isn’t helpful to the writers.

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