Thanks, Sam, nice to meet you. Your words are comforting to me. This is an unwanted and unwelcome transition but good for them, and that is what has to be my focus. My feelings have to be secondary. I am sure there will be many tears in the shower.

The opportunities for my daughter, son-in-law, and the children are much greater where they are moving. If it weren’t for the distance, I would not be distraught. But, I am being selfish and parents /grandparents are not allowed the luxury of selfishness.

I am sure I will be writing more about the transition — when I am emotionally able to do so.

I am sorry about the loss of your father. Losing a parent, no matter how old the parent or child, leaves a hole. My father and I had a tumultuous relationship. We were estranged when he passed. I didn’t grieve losing him as much as I grieved losing the father I hoped he would become, the father I needed. I lost a lifetime dream that I knew would never come true but there was always a shred of hope as long as he was alive. That dream died with him. Parent /child relationships are difficult, always challenging, rarely perfect, always unfolding.

Again, thank you for reaching out to me.

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I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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