Thanks, Sandra Tanaka, for stopping by and reading! The biscuit dough you are using is not the same as empanada dough. It has a different texture, bakes fluffier, and has a different flavor. With that said, if it works as a vehicle for the filling and is tasty, although in a different way, then it does the job! Not everyone has the time or know-how to make empanada dough from scratch (Me!) and not everyone has a local Latin market that sells frozen ones. My cooking motto is: Adapt to what you have. I have made Latin guava-cheese pastries using Pillsbury packaged crescent roll dough. Though not traditional, they are yummy! In fact, my grandchildren and I may make some of those this Saturday.

I wish could cook from scratch like my Argentinian mother-in-law did, but not many people have the time to do that anymore. I usually work 6 days a week, reserving Saturdays for my grandchildren. Although they love to cook with my husband and me, they don’t want to spend an entire sunny Saturday in the kitchen! So, we take shortcuts and do the best we can with the time and products we have available.

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