Thanks, Tracy. Certainly, I agree that all men don’t hate women; I made use of literary license for the sake of the poem, but I truly believe that 99.99% of the men don’t get women. They don’t understand what we are forced to think about and do in attempts to stay safe, how our brains operate, the priorities we set.

Ben is one of the most female-centric men I know. He mostly dislikes his fellow males and prefers the company of women. But, he can be very old-school in some of his attitudes, such as mentioning how a woman was dressed when she was sexually assaulted or becoming annoyed when a woman shows what he considers to be too much emotion, particularly sadness— as in my situation with the grandchildren.

For him, and so many men, life is black or white, good or bad, wrong or right. I believe women tend to float in the grayer middles, seeing all sides, not always taking a definite stand, being open to others opinions and experiences. Perhaps that is in our DNA to make us better mothers, able to negotiate the squabbles between children! For many of us, our strengths lie in negotiation and mediation and most men consider such skills to be wishy-washy and obscure rather than appreciating our abilities to defuse difficult situations.

Same is true of multi-tasking, another baby-raising bit of DNA we have. Although men definitely benefit from our ability to handle a dozen activities at once, both in the home and the workplace, they deprecate us for not being focused.

As long as men, who are still the ones in power, refuse to value the female mind, we will not be considered equal. Motherhood is the perfect example. Men do not value our roles as mothers. We are less than because of producing and raising babies while they do the real work.

Maybe they don’t hate us but they definitely don’t understand us or want to understand us.

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