These bulldog statutes are fabulous, Roy! Back in 2003/2004, my city iniated a similar project for gator statues. Something like 40 gator statues were sponsored by local businesses. The sponsors met with the artists to choose a theme for each gator — something that reflected the business.

The only statute I know of that is still intact and in residence is the one across from one of my clients:

He is the mascot for a realty office and his name is Proper T. Gator. He once held a “sold” sign that disappeared years ago.

I imagine a few of the other commissioned gator statues are still around town but I have no idea where.

Your post brought back fond memories of the time when residents were excited to see what gators appeared where. Businesses hosted parties to introduce their gator statues. It was a fun, interesting, and creative community project. Sure wish our city would do it again.

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