This is so apropos for my life right now, Gail! After years of practicing yoga with the same teacher, who is very mindful of her students’ health issues and limitations, she introduced a new class schedule that did not mesh with my life schedule. In a flash two years passed without a single class. Back pain silenced by my former weekly practice is now howling 24/7. The need for yoga is at desperation stage.

Contacting my teacher last week, I was relieved to find that she was planning a new class that actually works well with my crowded calendar. First class, tonight!

My plan is, once I am back in the saddle, to attempt a morning practice — something to get the kinks out and the blood flowing. Tried morning yoga before but decided it wasn’t my thing. Evening yoga worked better for me, relieving the stresses of too-busy days and too many hours at a desk.

I may join in this challenge but let me get a least 2 weekly classes accomplished first. A multitude of back/muscle/nerve issues require a slow re-introduction to the yoga that was once a close friend.

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