Tom Scocca is the editor of The Awl and publishes daily, or almost daily, tidbits about New York City; tidbits that I relish. I love New York City and try to visit every year. His short little observations of the city transport me there when I am here.

I am trying to write more. Time is a huge issue. Yes, yes, I know, everyone says that, but with working 50+ hours a week, helping to raise two active grade-school-aged grandchildren who live with me along with their mother who works full-time and goes to college, dealing with my husband’s on again/off again health issues and with my own, and trying to keep up with a home and all the little and big responsibilities of life at 62, finding the time and energy to write is, usually, an overwhelming challenge. So, I am taking that challenge in a smaller portion and challenging myself to write, every day, tidbits of life here in Florida or wherever else I may be, trying to follow the example of Mr. Scocca although my subject may be less fascinating than life in New York City and although my writing prowess is not up to his. But, I can try. Writing long articles on any sort of a regular basis seems nearly impossible, but tidbits, well, tidbits I think I can manage. And, I’ll see where tidbits take me. . .

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