Tre, this needs to be read at every Memorial Day service, blazen in red, white, and blue lights on Independence Day, and published in every newspaper on Veterans Day. This is the truth we ignore — our battle dead are forgotten by the very government for which they died. Those who survive with the scars of war, the taint of political lies, and the bruises of brutal nightmares will be even more forgotten, like battered driftwood on a rocky shore, only to receive empty honors on designated days that are rolled into beach vacations and barbecue feasts, losing their meaning in the American pursuit for entertainment, trivialities, and escapism. We are a militarized society that fails the individuals of our military machine. A society that can pay for your uniform but not healthcare. A government that can plan an outlandishly expensive parade to stroke the egos of those who choose who is worthy of life and who can easily be sacrificed to continue this charade of democracy and equality.

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