Trees are such a hazard in storms, Samantha. I am so sorry that happened to you.

Many years ago, when I lived in the country, a straight-line wind hit our 3-acres a few minutes after our guests left Thanksgiving dinner. Took down several trees, one of which crushed a shed and a boat. Fortunately, that was the only damage, The other trees that fell were far from structures.

My then-husband and I cut up trees for weeks and donated the wood to elderly people in the community who relied heavily on fireplaces and wood stoves in the winter.

You could see where the wind touched down in one corner of our property, traveled across our three acres, and went back up in the sky at a far corner. No one on any side of us even knew there had been a wind.

With climate change and global warming these sorts of unpredictable storms will become stronger and do more damage, unless something is done to mitigate the earth's warming trend.

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