Trump cheered on the worst in people, exposing the self-centeredness that is also a pandemic here. I can't begin to understand what is happening in America. I am ashamed of my state and the nation. There is no excuse for our unwillingness to work together to defeat such a killer. Even people I know who are staunch Democrats are not wearing masks everywhere. I am the only one who wears a mask in my client offices around everyone. The others will wear masks around clients but not around one another - as though they are in some sort of protective bubble. It's mind-boggling.

Our government gave loans to businesses earlier in the year. Now, I am dealing with the "forgiveness" process for those loans. One client received a lousy $20,000 and I have clocked more than 12 hours applying for the loan and now, trying to apply for forgiveness. Loans were handled by individual banks and their forgiveness applications, processes, and websites are all different. I am having to learn a different process for each bank even though all my clients are applying for the same forgiveness. And, the banks are requiring webinars before even beginning the applications. I've already spent more than 4 hours sitting through webinars! And, if you don't get 100% forgiveness, the business has to pay taxes on the loan IN ADDITION TO REPAYING IT!!! And, any allowed expenses (and only specific expenses were allowed to be paid with loan funds) paid with the loan are not deductible for tax returns, meaning that the business with pay higher taxes because of the stimulus loan! If you paid any unallowed expense with loan funds, those have to be repaid, no forgiveness allowed. And, the "allowed expenses" were so confusing and limited. Some employee salaries allowed and some not. Some employee benefits allowed and some not. Some allowed up to a certain dollar amount and not over that amount. Rents were allowed or not allowed depending on who owns the building. It was confusing at the time and now, trying to figure out what qualifies as forgivable is even more confusing.

Not to mention that we still have mile-long lines of cars waiting for free food and people are being evicted for not being able to pay rent or make mortgage payments, and utilities are being shut off due to non-payment. There are no safety nets.

Please feel free to rant - I do it daily!!

Yes, Maine was a challenge in the summer. The leeches were worst in the rivers. And, the mosquitos were legendary. Although, I've heard they are bigger in Canada and Alaska!

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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