Unfortunately, Anne, another hurricane has formed in the Caribbean. Iota is now a Cat 4 hurricane and predicted to be a strong Cat 5 by the time it makes landfall, following the same path as Eta to Nicaragua and Honduras. Communication is still spotty in those places and many don't know they are hours away from experiencing an even worse storm.

Those "visitors" were unexpected. They are Muscovies but look completely different than the ones that live around here. They also were surprisingly bold and unafraid of us, coming right up to me. Even the Muscovies that we feed regularly don't come that close. They returned this morning looking for food but they ignore the corn that all the other ducks love. I tried some bird feed, which they also ignored. Going to order some grub worms and see if they'll dine on those.

That drip photo was such a surprise. I took many photos of that leaf, trying to capture a drip ready to fall, but I always missed it. Then, looking through my photos, I realized I caught a drip while falling. A much better capture and a very pleasant surprise!

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