Very interesting. Never before considered the third death of a place but you are right, there is a definite third death in this techno-driven world.

Reminds me that a very popular restaurant in our city— one that has been open for 40 years — has succumbed to the negative effects of nearby construction which has lasted much longer than predicted and prevented or, at least, dissuaded patrons from struggling with parking and construction debris to eat at their favorite hangout. As of Saturday, it will be no longer. It is tragic in many ways. So many locals grew up eating there. Those who moved away have the food FedEx’d to them all over the country. It was popular but not popular to survive the inconvenience of construction. It takes very little these days to convince a customer to go somewhere else, even to places with unsatisfactory food or service, or places that lack the memories that fill the space slowly dying from whatever negative thing pushes patrons in a different direction, even if that thing was not of the business’ fault and not under its control. We are fickle, capricious people who dislike inconvenience more than excellent food, good service, and memories. What has become of us?

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