Walking my dogs is my therapy. The movement through nature, the connection with two loving and appreciative creatures, the exercise, the awareness of air, sound, touch, and temperature — all if it combines to give me a focus beyond myself.

My longest walk is in the morning — a little over 2 miles. I rarely can get home for the noon and evening walks, and the night walk is the shortest — only half a mile. So, the morning walk is the most beneficial.

The last two mornings have been rainy — an unusual weather pattern for Florida — causing our walks to be hurried and short, sandwiched between rain showers.

I so feel the effects — physically, mentally and emotionally — from not having a standard morning walk. In just 2 days, my body feels heavy and sluggish, my mind is foggy, and my lingering depression is heavier.

Tomorrow’s morning weather is predicted to be clear. I am already eagerly anticipating our walk!

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