We are living in a battle between the Republicans (conservatives and alt-right people like Trump) and the Democrats (liberals and progressives like Obama). The Republicans are in power. Trump is Republican, they have control of the Congress, and more states have Republican governors and Republican- controlled state governments. Through Obama’s two terms as president the Republicans did everything they could to block his legislations or to greatly reduce their provisions. He was fortunate to get through a few and now Trump and the Republicans have publicly said their goal is to reverse EVERY piece of legislation that Obama supported and helped to pass. They don’t care what it is, what benefits the laws gave, if Obama was for it, the are against it and will repeal all those laws.

The Republicans are against legislation that helps the poor or the middle class. Trains and any sort of mass transit are predominantly used by the middle and lower classes so they refuse to support them. The rich will always drive their gas-guzzling SUVs and be chauffeured in their limousines or fly long distances in private jets and first class on airlines. They would never use public transportation so they don’t support it.

Trump’s horrendous federal budget legislation going through Congress lowers taxes for the very rich and corporations and raises taxes on the lower classes. It gives tax deductions for private jets and eliminates taxes on inherited wealth, another benefit for the wealthy. It also eliminates tax deductions for school supplies that teachers purchase with their own money because the schools don’t receive the funding they need to properly educate our children. Teachers, who are horribly underpaid, actually have to use their OWN MONEY to buy supplies for their classrooms! At least they used to be able to deduct some of those expenses from their taxes but Trump’s budget takes that away.

One of the biggest savings that allowed Americans to buy their own homes is that the could deduct the amount paid in mortgage interest from their taxes. Trump is decreasing that deduction too. He is also eliminating deductions for health insurance and medical expenses meaning more people won’t be able to afford health insurance and more people with expensive and long-term illnesses will go bankrupt because of the expense of medical care. The budget also removes all funding for birth control.

There are many social services that will be gutted by his budget making life harder for the lower classes. Oddly, it the white working class people who supported Trump believing he would help them, when he is actually is making their lives so much worse. But, those white working class people are so focused on hurting and destroying people of color that they can’t see that the very programs and laws that help people of color also help them. We have a saying, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face, and that is exactly what they are doing.

The greatest belief of America was that the working class was the strength and backbone of our country. If the working class was doing well, the entire country did well. Now, the people in power believe only in the rich. We had great pride in the fact that an average American could own a home. That is becoming a falsehood. It is harder and harder for a middle class person to buy a home. Forget about lower classes, they don’t have a chance anymore.

The days when the average American felt optimistic and hopeful are gone. We once believed that each generation would have better lives than the one before. That is no longer a belief and far from a fact.

Our infrastructure is deteriorating are a rapid pace and nothing is being done about it. Bridges collapsing, roads full of potholes, train rails falling apart, subways are antiquated and dangerous. Hell, just look at Puerto Rico. We can’t even get the electricity working there after Hurricane Maria. The majority of the island still has no electricity, roads are still washed away, damaged buildings are untouched, many schools and hospitals are closed, whole communities continue to be cut off from the rest of the world. Children are being flown to the mainland to live with host families so they can go to school! The situation is outrageous!! But, rather than help our citizens in Puerto Rico, Trump gives massive tax cuts to the wealthy and huge corporations.

We are doomed, Erik.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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