Welcome, Mickelle! I too closed my Facebook page recently, actually the day after the election. I couldn’t take seeing another post for or against the results. Just too depressed with what America has become to have the political horror in my face constantly. Not to mention the revelation of fake news! But, I also was feeling overwhelmed by my feed. Couldn’t get through even a fraction of it each day and so much of it was crap. Felt I was missing the posts I really wanted to see because I was bogged down with the drivel. Realized most of my “friends" were not or just barely. Even though I was very active on Facebook, “liked" and commented often, posted daily, when I disappeared very few people noticed. That gave me something to think about!

Shortly after my Facebook exit, I discovered Medium. I love it here and hope you do, too. Intelligent posts and discussions using full sentences, good spelling and decent grammar. Posts that actually say something, that inform and inspire. Posts that tickle my imagination and encourage my creativity.

I did return to Facebook, mainly for contact with and photos of real friends and family far away. But, also for my few Facebook contacts who inspire and encourage me even though they live so far away our paths don’t cross or some I only know online. I chose to start fresh with a new account. Previously, I had 300 friends, now I have 30. But 30 whom I enjoy, admire and appreciate. I can actually scroll through my daily feed in a few minutes and almost every post is a gem.

May your time on Medium be as inspirational and interesting as mine as been.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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