Well, bless your little heart for being so sensitive, Meg! Can’t we Southerners wish the blessing of our Our Lord and Savior on your pea-pickin’ heart? Sarcasm, if you didn’t recognize it. I live with this day in and day out. I live with pseudo Christians who voted for Trump telling me they care about the welfare of immigrants and the poor but they don’t want to offer help. I live with people who are offended by someone saying Oh, hell or shit but they are okay with immigrant children being separated from their parents and housed in cages. Have a Blessed Day but God only blesses his chosen few and that ain’t you!

I don’t want a blessed day; I want a day of love, peace, equality, compassion, and tolerance. I want a day and a god who honors and respects us all equally. Because blessings are random and often unearned and unjustified. As an American I am greatly blessed and what did I do to earn these blessings? Not a damn thing but be born here. Take your blessed day and give it to someone who needs it, who deserves it, who struggles for it. Me, I was born to it without justification.

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