What a fabulous poster and nephew! I agree with most of what you said but do consider myself to be a feminist because it takes organized action to change society. I also have no problem with gender quotas in the workplace because all my long life I’ve seen women overlooked for good jobs when they had more than enough qualifications. I’ve seen women passed by for promotions because they “may have a baby” or other reasons tied to their gender. Very few businesses in America have paid maternity leave and there are no guarantees your job will be waiting for your return even if you only take 6 weeks of unpaid leave.

I’ve seen so much inequality in action, I have to support ways that level the playing field by giving women the chance to prove themselves without doors being slammed in their faces, by compensating women fairly for the work they do, by valuing the service-based jobs traditionally held by women, by allowing women to carry men’s babies without losing jobs, and by giving them the chance at promotions traditionally given to men with less experience and fewer job skills. Having a penis should not make someone better qualified for a job that doesn’t require the use of that penis.

At the same time, I resent women who use their sexuality to gain favors. They belittle all females. I admire strong women but don’t think we should have to be so damn strong all the time. I resent men who make our lives harder by not doing their share at home so we have the energy to excel at work. I especially resent men who create babies and then, don’t care for them — in action by co-parenting or financially by providing the support needed to raise a child.

For too long I’ve seen men doing as they please with little regard for the consequences of their actions and women left carrying the burdens that aren’t theirs or aren’t theirs alone. They are struggling to do it all because men refuse to do their part.

It’s never been fair for women and won’t be until we force society to change.

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I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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