What a wonderful community project! I was amazed to find out on my visits to NYC that many of the beautiful gardens are completely maintained by volunteers. We have a few community gardens in my city but, as far as I know, they are all vegetable gardens.

I have to say that on my visits to the Niagara/Ontario areas of Canada, I was so impressed with the gardens. Nearly every home would have received an award here. Of course, we have warm weather, gardens, and flowers most of the year so homeowners become lackadaisical about caring for them, choosing to rely on professional landscapers instead. And, the summer heat is so intense most people only go outside to walk dogs, swim, or go boating!

I live in a townhome with small owner-maintained garden areas in the front and back. Not much work but darn it’s hard to get the energy to tackle it in the heat of the day and then it rains nearly every afternoon and evening.

We’ve had an incredible amount of rain recently resulting in an unusual amount of snake activity, which makes pruning and weeding worrisome. You never know what is hiding in the bushes and weeds! Also, with the rain, fire ants are looking for high and dry areas to build their mounds, and those places are often gardens. No fun to be weeding and stir up a colony of fire ants. Those buggers are fast! In seconds, they cover your shoes and crawl up your legs, stinging ferociously as they march up your body!

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