What an amazing story! I could see Syau surviving in difficult circumstances. She can be fierce. Sophie was so friendly, always going up to strange dogs on our walks. Syau hung back and watched. If a dog growled at her sister, Syau came to her defense in flash.

The only issue with Syau is that she really doesn’t like other dogs. Sophie was the only dog for her. We have some wonderful, friendly dogs in our neighborhood and she doesn’t care about any of them. It’s not that she’s mean to them. She simply ignores all their advances to be friendly and if they are too persistent, she puts them in their place with a growl and a snap.

She is a relentless squirrel hunter, though. Fortunately, we live in a townhome with no yard for her to run and terrorize them. But, on our walks, she spends every moment look for squirrels and will chase one as far as her lead allows.

Speaking of lost dogs, I had a Pekingese (he died last year at 16-years-old) who got lost when I was moving from a very rural area to the city where I am now. With all the in-and-out of packing and hauling things to cars and trucks, he slipped away. He was not even a year old. We lived on a dirt road in a county that had no animal ordinances at the time. Pit bulls, Rotties, hunting dogs, and every other large, scary dog you can think of roamed freely. I knew my Peke was someone’s dinner. Still, I put up flyers on trees and utility poles and returned several times to look for him. After a week, when I had given up all hope, I received a call that someone had found him. Unbelievable that he survived there.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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