When I work seven days a week, as I am now, food is the last thing on my mind. If I don’t plan ahead, lunch will be crackers from my afternoon client’s pantry! So, I make an effort to keep coconut milk yogurt, fresh berries (black & blue), and walnuts in my client’s refrigerator.

Breakfast isn’t much of a problem — coffee and oatmeal or breakfast biscuits or maybe pancakes (my comfort food!).

Dinner is difficult. I often don’t get home until 8 pm so I can’t eat much or consume anything heavy. Plus, it’s too late to cook because I have almost two hours of chores to do before bed. My husband is retired and will cook for me, and often does during the rest of the year, but that’s hard to do when we never know when I will get home. For the month of January, we tend to rely on baked potatoes and salad for me and deliveries from restaurants for both of us. One restaurant-sized meal makes two or three each of us.

That is how I get through this hectic month when I don’t have time to think about food!! Thanks for another great post in your series, Tasneem.

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