When my husband had major surgery ten years ago, he was grossly neglected by the night nursing staff. His drainage tube had dislodged before midnight, he called for assistance, a nurse arrived an hour later, reinserted it incorrectly, and left him lying in a pool of bile that collected during that hour. The poorly inserted tube leaked bile all night. Nothing was done in spite of his calls of help. By my morning visit, he was covered in bile, extremely weak, and unable to talk above a whisper. I raised hell but no one paid attention. I walked from the hospital to his surgeon’s office nearby. The doctor was in surgery but his office manager left an urgent message for him. Within 30 minutes he was in my husband’s room. He changed the bed linens and cleaned up the bile personally, then severely berated the nursing staff, and demanded my husband be moved to a private room at no additional cost. He had each nurse and assistant from the night and day shifts apologize to my husband and me. I know nurses are overwhelmed and overworked but patient neglect is inexcusable. Good for you, TeriJo, for demanding the care you deserve and are paying for.

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