Yes! I love the desire to write every day and appreciate Shaunta’s suggestion of 10 minutes a day. Doable most days but hell if I’m going to stress on the days it feels impossible.

This piece is brilliant, Erika, and said so much that needed to be said. I’ve participated in some writing and publishing every day challenges here on Medium and found it almost impossible to produce anything worthwhile for 30, 60, 90 or more days. It became a major chore like cleaning the litter box. I don’t want my writing to be like kitty litter!

Most of us have lives, families, pets, friends, and OTHER JOBS. I feel like I neglect my personal life enough now without adding a daily writing requirement that becomes a chain around my neck. Make writing important but don’t make it the only important thing in your life.

As for the waking long before dawn to accomplish shit, how about being concerned about how sleep-deprived Americans are. More than once I’ve read an article about how Americans don’t get enough sleep and the very next article I see — in a magazine or here on Medium or another site — says to get up an hour or two earlier to meditate, do yoga, run, list your goals, journal, read the Bible, read self-improvement books, or clean out closets while the house is quiet because every other inhabitant has the common sense to be sleeping at 4 am!!

Sleep, people! Rest. Play with your kids or your dog or cuddle with your cat or your husband. Cook a real meal. Take a walk. Meet a friend for lunch. Plant a flower.

Find time to write when the time is right.

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