Yes, I read your excellent piece before. I watched the election results as they were coming in. As the evening was progressing, I sat in horror, shocked as state after state went to him. I have remained in a state of disbelief and disgust ever since.

My grandchildren, who were 9 and 7 at the time, are very socially aware. We discuss civil rights, social justice, racism, etc., and they were so interested in the election process that we had many political discussions. I tried my best to explain how Clinton lost when more people voted for her. They were so angry and confused. At such young ages, they became totally disappointed with our political system, believing that voting is a waste of time and disgusted that such a vile man could be president of the United States. Before reaching puberty, they are already disillusioned. Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe they will fight to change the system. But, they will inherit such a fucked up society, they may be too overwhelmed and discouraged to even try.

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