Yes!! I, too, was the odd, Southern, married woman who chose not to have children. I, too, had no desire or need to create another human being inside my body. I, too, saw no reason to put another consumer on this earth of limited resources. I was the family weirdo and damn proud of it!

As the mystery of my life unfolded, I would adopt a runaway teenager originally from another country. Never could I have imagined such a story playing out after my childbearing years were gone without the bearing of a single child. Had I given birth to my own kids, I may never have experienced the joy of my adopted daughter who would later grace me with two grandchildren.

I may not have wanted to bear children but helping to raise my grandchildren has been the most amazing and fulfilling experience of my life.

Because I didn’t use up my personal resources to create, house, feed, educate, and entertain my own creations, I was able to help a desperate child. And, because of her, I am experiencing the joy grandmother-hood.

My choice to not have babies has proven to be the best choice of my life!

Jenée, your piece is empowering. Many young women don’t realize they have to choice not the bear children.

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