Yes, Jack, the geese are very odd-looking and, quite appropriately, their walk is a very pronounced and haughty goose-step. Of course, they aren’t native to Florida and their range is limited to the far southern part of the state. From what I read, they struggle to reproduce in their colonies which has kept their population low, much to the delight of the naturalists.

Captain Argentina was very please with the Argentinian restaurant. Not one negative comment passed his lips. We ate there twice. They had 3 vegetarian dishes and the one I really wanted wasn’t available both times. Bummer. One of the other two is not a favorite of mine. So, I ate the same dish two nights in a row. Fortunately, it was good. But, my favorite dinner on the entire trip was at the Cuban — Spanish restaurant called Colombia in St. Augustine. A beautiful place but, for some known reason, I failed to take photos. Here is a link to their website:

The two breakfast restaurants — one Argentinian and one Venezuelan with a strong Argentinian influence — were excellent!

I am pleased you like the photos!

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