Yes, they have been with me 4 days. They leave this evening to visit others because I must work. They return for the weekend, one spending 2 nights and the other, three. Then they are off once more to visit others, again because I must work, before returning to the frigid lands.

The original plan was for them to be here over the Christmas holiday when I would be able to take 12 days off work. I am never able to be away from work for that long but it worked out this year. Many plans were made — visits to Mount Dora and St. Augustine, Christmas parties and dinners, etc. Then, I found out the day before Thanksgiving that my daughter changed the travel schedule to be here well before Christmas. I managed to squeeze 3 days off work but have to return tomorrow. My clients are too busy for me to be absent any more time now.

Overflowing with conflicted feelings. Thrilled they’re here. Disappointed I must work most of their visit. Upset that our many plans had to be canceled. Exhausted from shoe-horning time with them into my work schedule. Worried because my work, that needs to be done now, isn’t getting done. Sad and hurt that the travel schedule was changed without consulting me. Resentful that I was one of the last to find out. Distressed that I have no control or influence over plans that deeply involve me.

It’s been fabulous spending time with them but there were so many other activities happening outside of my control that it’s been a blur.

But, we picked up where we left off as though the kids were only missing from our lives a few days rather than almost 6 months. Loving every moment and wishing there could be many more.

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