Yes, this was long, long ago, Sherry — way before fast passes! It was August because that’s when my sister and her family visited — no choice in the matter. Summertime at Disney is not recommended.

Last time I was there was the year after I adopted my daughter (she was a teenager)in June of 2004. Took her and her then boyfriend. It was hot but not yet sweltering. Had a fabulous time! Honestly, the only bad visit to Disney was with my sister and her family. That also was my only visit with small children — children too young to enjoy or appreciate the experience and young enough to ruin it for everyone else. My recommendation is: don’t go to Disney with children younger than six. And, even then, don’t do it all in one day.

By the end of that miserable day my almost compulsive adherence to rules was deflated. And, I’d seen my father get away with cutting too many times. I couldn’t bear another long, tortuous wait, so I became an outlaw.

Funny, I have been a rebel many times in my life but I also obey most rules with a ridiculous tenacity. I loosened up as I aged but I still mindlessly obey the smaller, everyday regulations. Either I don’t give them any thought or my desire for order and civility prevails. But, give me a rule like girls can’t wear pants to school that I think is unjust and my natural inclination towards obedience melts in the heat of my anger and righteous need to correct what is unfair.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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