You are very brave, Jolin — a word and voice revolutionary. As much as I believe in respect and consideration, I also feel we have placed ourselves in boxes with thick concrete walls that prevent our truths from escaping. I fervently believe that if pundits and newscasters and everyday people had been less politically correct and more truthful about Donald Trump and his unacceptable behavior, shady business dealings, and general deplorableness, we wouldn’t be in the god-awful mess we are now — a mess that will take decades to claw out of if we are fortunate enough to get the chance to try and right the outrageous wrongs that hateful man has created. Tongues were held as fears mounted and now we are drowning in those fears because they are the regretful reality we live everyday because no one stood up and screamed the truth.


Or, speak quietly but firmly, over and over. Never wavering from your truth.

The way we rage is personal.

As a cautious, sensitive person, I am working to free myself of constraints and speak my truth as often as I can. I did so yesterday in a situation I will soon share on Medium. My words caused raised eyebrows and concerned frowns but it felt so damn good! I was simply saying what should have been said long ago. I was complicit in my polite silence.

Our polite silence is killing people.

Create spaces of truth and discourse.

Rage on, my friend!

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