You have a very level approach to writing on Medium, Hawkeye Pete Egan B.

When I became a Mediumite 3 years ago, there was no membership option or a payment program. As soon as membership came along, I grabbed it, not wanting to miss out on anything. Took me a while to join the Partners Program. Like you, I have full-time employment and was writing for the enjoyment. But, I considered the fact that I’d have to work until 70 to be financially stable and figured getting paid on Medium may, with a lot of luck, help me retire younger.

I’ve been in the pay program since May. My last 2 months have seen earnings in the mid $100 range. Not enough to retire! But, encouraging, nonetheless. I am not writing anymore than before I joined the program and haven’t written with earnings in mind. But, with what I’ve earned without trying, I feel encouraged that I could make a lot more with concentrated effort. If I could earn enough on Medium to cover my house payment and HOA dues, I could consider retirement in the next year or two, rather than 5. We’ll see… It’s an option I’m grateful to have, especially doing something I love.

Keep writing, my friend!!

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