You know, Ezinne, we hear about these atrocities while rushing to and from work or school or the grocery store, registering a moment of horror and compassion before pushing the horrific news aside because it is so unbelievably horrendous, because we can only adsorb so much before we lose the ability to function, because we are already overwhelmed with the daily shit-showers from the White House, because we feel helpless and confused and defeated. I’ll hear more on the evening news, we think. I’ll get the details later, we rationalize. But, the television news is more about breaking sound bites than details and what was a big story at 7 pm is ancient history at 7:15.

For me, articles like yours on Medium provide the information and the history behind events, such as Yemen, that help me grasp the totality of what is just a blurb on the news. You provide historical context, comparisons, and connections missed by all the newscasters who have 60 seconds or less of airtime for a breaking news story before the network moves on to another report about Trump’s latest Twitter tirade.

When I have time and have girded myself for what none of us should ever have to read, I search for you and get the details and analysis of news stories that I may not want, but definitely need, to be an informed and intelligent citizen and a compassion human being. Compassion does not exist in a vacuum and neither should we.

We need you here. You are a voice for reason, outrage, compassion, protest, and accountability. Thank you for what you do and for your passion and dedication.

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