Your photo did catch the weather, too, but for me it spoke of life on the road — including bad weather, traffic, night driving, loneliness.

I had a very rough December. My daughter and her husband came back for the wedding they didn’t have when they got married in 2017. Of course, my grandchildren were here also. That was the best part of the visit although I had to work most of the time. The kids were supposed to stay from December 6th to the end of the year, but my daughter changed plans right before Thanksgiving. They left on the 17th so Christmas was very sad and lonely.

Having serious problems with my daughter. Not sure what is going on with her. She hurt me deeply and now avoids my texts and calls, only allowing the children to call occasionally. I sincerely am baffled by her behavior.

On the bright side, I am moving on with my life, accepting that they are no longer the center of my plans and dreams. Not easy but, especially with my daughter’s current alienation, I need to focus on my life as it is, not as I want it to be.

Struggling but making a little progress.

How are you? Were you able to have time at home for Christmas?

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