Your property looks beautiful, but I am so happy that I don’t have a yard to worry with in my new place! I just have a small garden area in the front and back and the rest is maintained by the HOA. The garden areas are enough to allow me to express my individuality without too much effort.

Our yard in my rental home was large and all our responsibility. Unfortunately, the back yard was unusable — no grass, just a strange and scary fine black dirt that I haven’t seen anywhere else in Florida. Looked toxic. Saplings would volunteer and there were bushes around the perimeter but no grass. Front yard was okay but I was not going to put much effort or expense in maintaining my cheap landlord’s property so I beautified with potted plants — even hung them from the trees. I had a lawn guy who cut the front and trimmed bushes every two weeks and mowed down the volunteer trees in the back twice during the summer.

Prior to that house, I lived on three acres in the country. That was great for about 10 years and then I was itching to move to the city.

I believe you are in Pennsylvania, right? I have friends in the Gettysburg area. Your photos looks like how I remember that area. I grew up in Maryland and Virginia. When we lived in Maryland, we often went up to Amish farms to buy eggs, milk, and cheese. My oldest friend lived on a rural where she and her brother, who lived next door, were the only non-Amish. Beautiful area. Hope your renovations go well and get done before the first snow!

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