Your story made me giggle, Sadhana. Living in Florida, hibiscus flowers bloom most of the year. When I first moved into my townhome 3 years ago, the former owner had a hibisucs in the front garden but not the back. I quickly remedied that and planted one in the garden plot outside our back porch. It grew quickly and soon had blossoms. One-after-another were consumed by squirrels. I uprooted the hibiscus and moved it to the front, where there are squirrels but for some reason none of the front-yard squirrels both the hibiscus plants there.

But, the story continues. When I moved the hibiscus, a small part of the root remained behind and has grown but very, very slowly. It's never bloomed but the squirrels sometimes dine on the leaves. I leave it for their enjoyment as I love our squirrels almost as much as my flowers!

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